Thursday, September 8, 2011

Event report: The grand opening event of Centro Department Store

Congratulations on the new branch of Centro Department Store! We're so glad to have you here. So please check our latest moments on the grand opening event. Photos are taken by Mars Rizkia.

The grand opening event took place on August 3rd, 2011 at Galaxy Mall, Surabaya. It was 6 pm and the guests were queuing to fill the registration form. Their invitation cards were exchanged by a kind of wrap-around paper band as a sign for passing the entrance gate. Soon after signing the registration form, the guests were expected to take some photos on the wall of fame and then, walked through the line on a red carpet. As they entered the main venue, they might enjoy some delicious food and beverages which offered by the committee as well. This chance surely had them to get together and chat with their friends while enjoying the meal.

Followed by time, Ferry Salim, our favorite local actor and model, soon appeared as the host and we officially could see the evening show. *yeay*

The show was running under the theme "A Star Is Born" and it was divided into two sequences. The first sequence featured casual night dresses which offered draping technique, simple cutting, stunning colors, and unique patterns as details. Still, the next sequence presented more formal night dresses which combined silk and batik as the materials. Wow, all of them were superb!

Soon, the show was closed with a first walk of Olla Ramlan, our local actress & model, and the guests weren't not all leaving, they came to follow her as well. 'Coz it was shopping time! :)

Surabaya Fashion Carnival team & friends
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