Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to Surabaya Fashion Carnival :)

Hi there.
Let us introduce ourselves.

We are 4 adolescents who have same interests in art, photography, and fashion.

Well, the idea of making Surabaya Fashion Carnival (SFC) came out through our mind since we had been getting bored in our holiday. We were inspired by a bunch of street style blogs around the world. As you know, each country has their fashion-junkie people were captured on the street. Honestly, we’re really wanna do the same thing.

So, we made it out now. We’d like to give you some latest fashion issues in Surabaya. Hmm.. as this blog goes along, we’d like to have a garage-sale event. Well, we’ll tell you later about it.

Okay, enjoy this site.
Please drop a comment, we really really appreciate it :)
Thanks mate!


Reza Oktivia Hamenda
Fekiza Vinanda
B. Putri Setyarini
Marsha Rizkiaputri
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