Monday, July 28, 2008

Smada Fiesta 2k8

Day : Saturday
Date : July 26th, 2008
Location : Jatim Expo Surabaya
Time : 7.00 - 10.00 pm

Journalist : Reza Oktivia Hamenda, Marsha Rizkiaputri, Felkiza Vinanda
Photo editing : Reza Oktivia Hamenda, Felkiza Vinanda
Photographer : Bayi Putri Setyarini, Marsha Rizkiaputri, Felkiza Vinanda

Smada Fiesta 2k8 digital poster, grabbed from its Friendster photos gallery

Rery, 17, SMAN 2 Surabaya
Metalic white coat : PTC Surabaya
Sleeveless top : her collection
Jeans : LOGO
Bag : from Jakarta
Watch : from Singapore
Headband : her collection
T-strap shoes : factory outlet, Bandung

Ninit, 18, Airlangga University (upcoming)
Cardigan : somewhere shop
Stripes top : her Mom's
Black legging : somewhere shop
Scarf : her brother's
Bag : her Mom's
Shoes : made in Holland
Hairdresser : her Mom

Yudha, 20, Hang Tuah University
T-shirt : More Shop
Blue skinny jeans : Replay jeans
Bangles : Adidas
Glasses : Kamar Distro
Canvas shoes : Converse

Josdi, 15, SMAN 20 Surabaya
Jacket : Lilac
White singlet : GT-Man
Black skinny jeans : Rodeo
Shoes : Bobby Brown

Oky, 17, SMAN 13 Surabaya
T-shirt : Give Me Colour (handmade)
Jeans : Darmo FO Surabaya
Trucker : a gift from Jakarta
Bag : Tulip (NBC)
Slip-on shoes : his custom made

Dimas "Bom Bom", 16, SMAN 2 Surabaya
Hoodie : Badger
T-shirt : from Bali
Jeans : from Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya
Bag : Volcom
Watch : Alba
Glasses : from Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya
Winter hat : from Royal Plaza Surabaya
Shoes : Converse

Viyo, 15, SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya
Hoodie : Rockmen
T-shirt : Giordano
Jeans : from Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya
Sneakers : Nike SB
Bag : his sibling's
Glasses : second hand

Ganes, 16, SMAN 9 Surabaya
T-shirt : ZARA
Jeans : Lea
Bag : Rusty
Sneakers : Nike Airstab
Trucker : my friend's gift
Watch : Levi's

Adit, 18, graduated from senior high school
Yukata : from Tugu Pahlawan (TP5) flea market
T-shirt : Rider
Pants : custom made
Bag : from Pasar Gembong
Sandals : Malioboro, Yogyakarta
Glasses : from Blok M, Jakarta

Nadya Wulan, 19, Airlangga University
Capuchone top : Anti Beauty
Short pants : Melawai Ambassador
Rattan slingbag : from Bali
Shoes : NEXT
Watch : Esprit

Randa, 16, SMAN 2 Surabaya
T-shirt : from Pasar Seni, Kuta-Bali
Pants : from Matahari, Royal Plaza Surabaya
Glasses : his friend's
Bracelets : from Royal Plaza Surabaya
Canvas shoes : Converse
Keychain as necklace : from Singapore

Karin, 19, Hang Tuah University
Coat : ZARA
Tanktop : Her Room, Jakarta
Legging : Gaudi
Necklace : 707
Bag : Roxy
Slip-on shoes : custom made

Raka, 15, SMAN 2 Surabaya
Batik printed hoodie : handmade
T-shirt : Junk food
Pants : his grandpa's
Necklace : his friend's
Shoes : Onitsuka
Tote bag : Chupa Chups

Surabaya Fashion Carnival review : We're very amazed for bunch of custom mades. We love it! But there were smany many guys with a bowl on his head (yea you know what we mean), wearing gigantic glasses and also skinny pants. Legging is a must for girls and most of them were just starting for neon colours.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet : Nevrina Zaghyta

Location : Ghyta's house
Wardrobe and fashion stylist : hers
Photographer : Bayi Putri Setyarini
Digital imaging : Felkiza Vinanda & Marsha Rizkiaputri
Journalist : Felkiza Vinanda


"Glowing In A Dress and Feel Like Soft-disco"


"I need my leisure time"


"T for Tie-dye"


"I'll be blessed in red shirt"


"Beat me, Little Indian!"

Nevrina Zaghyta
Female, 18, fresh graduated senior high school student
Upcoming college : Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung
E-mail :
Influence : herself
My signature style : Unpredictable
Fav. brands : 'The unwell-known brands', that's the way she call it .
My fav. fashion items : Sandals and my grandma + mom's stuff in the past
I usually do shopping at : Everywhere!
The everlasting fashion item : All items. "There's always a cyclical moments over it."
What inspire me most ? : Everybody who's being around me
Fav. colours : Depend my mood
The hottest trend : Indian
Recently listening to : Olivia
What do you think about the developing of Surabaya street fashion ? : There are still lack than the others. Too many posseurs, so they don't have their own signature style.
What's HOT and what's NOT : The HOT are for thongs, ordinary, and Indian. The NOT are for copycats, posseur, and didn't pass to ITB.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peb + Bun @ Fivebolous Fushion - couple edition.

Hello hello hello ! Sorry for late posting, we've been very busy (again!) for reconcepting the blog and getting prepared to a bit expert (haha).

Okay, please enjoy our new segment : Fivebolous Fushion ! (contents 5 different photos with each different styles)

Introducing our friends,
Felicia Febrina and Krishna Pradana
(Peb and Bun : the couple)

Day : Thursday
Date : July 3rd, 2008
Time : 4 pm – 7 pm
Location : Krishna’s house (brother’s room)
Wardrobe and fashion stylist : by theirs
Photographer : Bayi Putri Setyarini
Digital imaging : Marsha Rizkiaputri
Journalist : Felkiza Vinanda + Reza Oktivia Hamenda


"Smoke and Blow"


"Rockin' Rollin' to the gigs!"


"Geez, we hate the paparazzi."


"We heart FUN!"


"Are you ready for the dance floor?"


Felicia Febrina
Female, 18, fresh graduated senior high school student

Upcoming college : NSCC, Seattle
E-mail :
My personal URL (Friendster) :
My signature style : I don’t know how to describe it :p
Fav. brands : ZARA, Insight
My fav. fashion item : Bag
I usually do shopping at : Wherever I got ‘em!
The everlasting fashion item : T-shirt and skinny jeans
What inspire me most ? : GoGirl! magazine
I can’t resist to buy : Nice t-shirt
Most fashionable people I’ve ever known : Agyness Deyn. “She always cool in her every outfits”.
Fav. colours : Black, green, brown, grey
The hottest trend : Skinny jeans. “Everyone can fit it.”
What do you think about the developing of Surabaya street fashion ? : It had turned a great develop, even less there’s SFC who will report it.
What’s HOT and what’s NOT : The HOT is for V-neck apparel in a bit sexy look and the NOT is for flare-jeans with paint-spilled accent.

Krishna Pradana
Male, 18, fresh graduated senior high school student
Upcoming college : Petra Christian University Surabaya (Visual Communication Design)
E-mail : /
My personal URL :
Fav. brand : Insight
Fav. fashion item : Sneakers
What inspire me the most ? : I have one, but I doubt it.
Most fashionable people I’ve ever known : Rhys Webb. “I haven’t seen him in casual style yet. If you find some of his pictures, please tell me!”
Fav. colours : Black and white
The hottest trend : Wayfarer. “Everyone is cool in it!”
What do you think about the developing of Surabaya street fashion ? : Hmm… SFC will make it, hahahahaha.
What’s HOT and what’s NOT : The HOT is for street culture and the NOT is for ‘shuvit’.

See you on next Fivebolous Fushion! (upcoming talent : Nevrina Zaghyta)

*Sorry for blurry and unfocused photos.

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