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Surabaya Fashion Carnival is a group project by Felkiza Vinanda (writer), Mars Rizkia (graphic designer), Putri Macan (photographer), and Reza Oktivia Hamenda (media relation). 

First published in May 2008, Surabaya Fashion Carnival makes one of the best alternatives to support local products and fashion movements in Surabaya. You can find plenty of information about Surabaya local brands, local fashion bloggers, and fashion-based events (fashion show, fashion bazaar or garage sale, etc.). Hence, you can also find street-style photos of how Surabaya people dress themselves.

Surabaya Fashion Carnival also holds annual garage sale called "LOCKER KEEPER". The first event was in March 2010 and the second was in February 2011. Curious enough? Make sure you read the reports : here and here.

Any suggestion, critics, advices or offering corporation? Feel free to mail us at sbyfashioncarnival@yahoo.com

Thanks for dropping by and see you later

Surabaya Fashion Carnival team.
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