Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Riot For Charity @ Aiola Store

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Stefanie, 16, Student
White loose shirt : her Dad’s own
Denim shorts : forget!
Low-hi sneakers : from Jakarta
Bag : also forget!

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Eyya, 22, Tempat Biasa owner
Loose top : from Tempat Biasa
Aquamarine cardigan : from Tempat Biasa
Zippy zebra legging : from Tempat Biasa
Grey brogues : Custom made
Necklace : her handmade
Bag : from Surabaya Town Square
Glasses : a gift from her hubby
Watch : Her dad bought it from Kongo

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Diva, 14, Student
Knit-hoodie : from Kampoeng Daun, Bandung
White tank-top : unbranded
Necklace : Nefertiti jewelry
Sling-bag : Rabeanco
Shorts : unbranded
Sneakers : Nike Blazer hi-suede
Watch : Casio

*Upcoming post on Fashion label review:
"Mew Par Aprilmodz" by Mursal (Mursal's daily blog : Kucing Urban) and Tika.*

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