Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fete de la Musique (Pesta Musik Sedunia) - CCCL Surabaya

Day : Saturday
Date : June 21st, 2008

Time : 7.00 - 10.00 pm
Location : CCCL Surabaya, Jl. Darmokali 10 Surabaya

Sorry for late posting, we've been very busy for the preparation of going away to the college. Oh what a big mess.

Okay, enjoy this new post. Hope you like it :)

Pesta Musik Sedunia (Fete de la Musique) digital poster, published on several friend's comments space (Friendster).

These fabolous people!

Adin, 18, SMA Giki 1 Surabaya
White shirt with volumized sleeves : from Pasar Senen, Jakarta
Scarf : her Mom’s stuff
Denim mini skirt : from PTC, Surabaya
Black tight : from Royal Plaza, Surabaya
Sandals : Fladeo
Bag : from Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya

Bhisma, 18, graduated from SMAN 1 Surabaya
Orange shirt : Gaza
Black tie : Zuchy
Black skinny pants : from Mangga Dua Jakarta
Shoes : national civilian employee’s
Black suit : Lollypop

Malory, 21, Universitas Surabaya
Batik tube dress : from Bali
White t-straps sandals : somewhere shop
Bag : from Yogyakarta

Earings : Ubud, Bali

Pauline, 21, Universitas Surabaya
Black tanktop : from France
Red pants : from Bali
Ethnique shoulder bag : from Bali
Canvas shoes : Converse
Bandana : Mirota – Surabaya
Earings : from Morocco

Marleen, 21, Universitas Surabaya
Black tanktop : from Holland
Greyish wide pipe pants : my friend’s gift
Canvas shoes : Converse
Ethnique shoulder bag : from China
Earings : from Holland

Rahma, 22, Universitas Airlangga
White t-shirt : Vicious Rumorous
Short pants : her own collection
Shoulder bag : Oink
Sandals : Triva
Necklace : from Malioboro, Yogyakarta
Nerd glasses : Samurai

Bagus, 22, UPN Surabaya
Sweater : Airplane
Jeans : Levi’s 505

Sneakers : Fred Perry

Ella, 19, Universitas Airlangga
Black knit warmer : her Grandma’s stuff
White blouse : handmade
Short pants : handmade
Pump shoes : ZARA

Khaki tote bag : White Label

Hubert, 19
Pale yellow sweater : Lacoste
T-shirt : IM
Pants : somewhere shop
Sandals : Bata
Bag : from Pasar Sukowati, Bali

Gita, 19, ITS
Colorful stripes shirt : her Mom’s stuff
Black shoulder bag : from her Mom
Dark grey skirt : from Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya
Necklace : a gift – friend’s handmade
Black pump shoes : from Delta Plaza, Surabaya
Bracelets : lending

Dewi, 22, Designer
Dark blue coat : her Dad’s stuff
Black legging : from Singapore
Shoes : her uncle’s stuff
Bag : U2 Claiborne
Watch : Casio

Oliph, 19, Universitas Airlangga
Victorian ruffles blouse : from Delta Plaza, Surabaya
High waisted skirt : from Royal Plaza, Surabaya
Purse : a gift from India
Black pump shoes : from DTC, Surabaya
Watch : Guy Laroche

Alex, 28
Magenta v-neck t-shirt : Topman
Jeans : Ksubi
Sneakers : Nike Super Blazer High Premium "Patchwork"
Wayfarer : Rayban
Cap : Eat

Oliph, 23, Universitas Surabaya
Puffy blouse : from Jakarta
High waisted short pants : handmade
Bag : Pipiland
Pump shoes : Charles & Keith
Accessories : Rosario

Komenk, 20s, Vocalist of Anarchy Juice, Survivor
Shirt : from BG Junction, Surabaya
Black singlet : Pasar Malem
Jeans : from Pasar Gembong, Surabaya
Belt : handmade
Purse : handmade
Shoes : handmade
Gloves : Prapatan Wonokromo

Jajang, 18, Vocalist of Ancillary, graduated from SMAN 2 Surabaya
KISS t-shirt : Thailand tees
Jeans : Rockmen
Shoulder bag : Fred Perry
Shoes : Rockport

gag onok jenenge
Seffi, 20, ITS
Long vest : D’Loops
Black t-shirt : A-mild
Shoulder bag : Bally
Shoes : Kuyagaya
Glasses : from Surabaya Town Square

Benny, 20, UK Petra
T-shirt : Aurel
Shawl, bandana, and pants : Cheaper Cheaper
Sneakers : Onitsuka

Iqi, 24, Illustrator
White shirt : Levi’s
Pants : from Pasar Gembong, Surabaya
Shoes : a legacy
Straw hat : from PTC, Surabaya
Bag : from Jakarta

Ninit, 18, graduated from SMAN 2 Surabaya
Batik dress : from ITC, Surabaya
Pump shoes : Connexion
Watch : Levi’s
Necklace : a present from friend
Purse : her Mom’s stuff

Seno, 18, Guitarist of Vendetta (Surabaya), graduated from SMA Trimurti Surabaya
Hoodie : Bathing Ape
T-shirt : a friend’s gift from Singapore
Jeans : Lee Cooper
Watch : G-shock
Sneakers : Pony

* Check out his band: www.myspace.com/vendettasurabaya

Review : The event was full of crowd and mostly, they were stylish.

See our next posting of Fivebolous Fushion. It will be on next week.



Kiza. Marsha. Putri. Echa

Photos were taken by Putri and Seno (our additional photographer).


designani said...

i wish i can be there....hihi

hoollaa alex, hoollaa dewii....

Surabaya Fashion Carnival said...

hehehe x) be there on DAF 2K8! :D
*go go brangerous hihi

Arief said...

for the guys..
take some advice from the girl please..

It's so poor..
wear more branded lothes for more exciting style..

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